3. Results

Chapter 3: Results

3.1 Sampling Sites

We collected data from three different systems. 

Our first system, the Buddi Pole, was used to obtain lightning e-field data. It picked up signatures of distortions in the lightning’s electromagnetic field caused by lightning strikes. 

Our second system was the UFO Camera, which obtained lightning visuals. The UFO Camera was made to detect UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), but we modified it, enabling it to capture pictures and videos of lightning whenever there was a sudden movement or a change in light levels. 

Our last system was the Square antenna (or SuperSID), which was used to obtain solar e-field data.

3.2 Experiment Results

3.1.1 Lightning Electromagnetic Field (Buddipole)

Figure 3.1: Lightning Electromagnetic Field

3.1.2 Lightning Visual (UFO Camera)

Figure 3.2: Lightning Visual

3.1.3 Solar Electromagnetic Field (SuperSID)

Figure 3.3: Solar Electromagnetic Field

3.3 Special Observations

It was discovered that radio signals from phones when making calls could interfere with the lightning e-field system. Although this would be unhelpful during the actual recording and logging of radio signals from the lightning, a phone could actually be used to test if the system was wired and set up correctly instead of waiting for an actual storm  to happen.

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